Introducing... Beth Tweddle Gymnastics

We're so excited to share our completely new re-brand with you!

As you know, Total Gymnastics Academies’ whole goal is to provide all children with the opportunity to get involved in gymnastics. We’re community-led and it’s important to us that we’re always developing to be the best we can be for the people that make what we do possible – our customers and the gymnasts on our programme!

To enter the next stage of Total Gymnastics Academies, we thought we needed a stronger identity to help us with our mission… something that was fun, modern and relatable.

So, without further ado, we are delighted to introduce our new brand name: Beth Tweddle Gymnastics.

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics will consist of 3 sub-brands including: Beth Tweddle Gym Stars (ages 2-7), Beth Tweddle Academy (ages 8+), and Beth Tweddle Curriculum (our schools programme that follows the national curriculum).

We’re so pleased to be able to continue this journey with you and for you to be a part of Beth Tweddle Gymnastics!

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