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All About The Gymnastics Events At The Paris Olympics 2024


In just a few short months, over 10,000 athletes will compete in France’s capital city at the world’s biggest celebration of sport. It&...

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11 Books to Read if you LOVE Gymnastics this World Book Day


  This World Book Day, your child can flip through the pages into a world of gymnastics with these inspiring books! From Olympic cham...

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Exploring the Fun Side of Beth Tweddle's Child-Friendly Programs


  Former Olympic Gymnast, Beth Tweddle, has dedicated herself to creating engaging gymnastics programs for kids that captivate young ...

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Building Confidence and Coordination: The Ultimate Guide to Child Gymnastics Classes


As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be happy, healthy, and confident. A fantastic way of nurturing these qualities is through g...

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New Year, New Goals: Setting Achievable Gymnastics Milestones for Kids


There’s never a better time than the start of a new year to hit the reset button and look ahead to a positive year ahead. It's the p...

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Fuelling Healthy Habits in the New Year


As we head into another new year, it's the perfect time for young gymnasts to set the stage for a year of healthy, fun activity. On...

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The power of forming good habits at a young age


  Throughout the journey of nurturing a child's development, there are few tools that are as powerful as forming positive habits....

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Our exciting new Beth Tweddle Gymnastics & Gymfinity Kids Partnership


  We are thrilled to share some incredibly exciting news with you... Beth Tweddle Gymnastics is embarking on a remarkable journey...

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New School-New Term-New Hobbies! How gymnastics improves friendships


The start of a new school term marks a fresh beginning, an opportunity to make new friends and explore new hobbies. Amongst the many activ...

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Our top 10 tips for starting the new school year successfully


  After six weeks of lazy mornings, later nights, and active days, getting your little ones ready for the new school term probably seems l...

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