Children's Mental Health Week

For Children’s Mental Health Week, we want to show our support for this important cause. At Beth Tweddle Gymnastics, we think it’s important to discuss the impact exercise can have on mental health, and how regular exercise can help maintain a healthy mind. Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive exercise programs available to children as it incorporates many different skills… and that is just the start! At Beth Tweddle Gymnastics we also reward values such as team work, dedication, friendship and determination.

We have explored 5 reasons why gymnastics is great for your child.

Healthy, More Active Children

The physical benefits of gymnastics are perhaps the most obvious. Participating and enjoying gymnastics at a young age can help build the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. From good all-round muscle strength, endurance, and power to increase exercise, balance and co-ordination. Not only do we love gymnastics, but gymnastics loves us too. With increased activity comes an increase in endorphins, leading to happier more positive feelings.

Happy Body, Happy Mind

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics parents and partner schools are always surprised by the mental benefits our programme brings. Gymnastics can strengthen the mind in more ways than one and with modern day pressures put on us all, we love how our gymnasts can gain huge mental benefits from the sport we love.

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics provides opportunities for children to be creative, stimulate their imaginations through sport and recognise their unique role within a team. We’re most proud of the confidence our classes bring to children. After building their skills, parents and teachers also report the skills and confidence learnt through gymnastics has transcended to help their children in school and other extracurriculars.

Emotional Benefits

Gymnastics is a sport of self-control, dedication and resilience. We understand each child has their own journey – with their own successes and falls. We celebrate and support each child individually as they work through our programmes and achieve awards. It may be attempting a new skill, mastering something you have been working on or picking yourself up after a fall… but our coaches are there throughout the journey leading to improved confidence and self-esteem in our gymnasts. Beth Tweddle Gymnastics teaches from an early age that hard work and practice pays off!

Social Benefits

If you ask Beth, she’d tell you some of her closest friendships have been made through gymnastics. At all ages, gymnastics provides an opportunity to develop social skills, make new friends and learn how to respect others. Beth Tweddle Gymnastics provides children with the opportunity to communicate with others of a similar age, work together in a team and engage with other adults. Some of the social skills included in gymnastics are listening, following directions, taking turns, being quiet and respecting others.

Let’s Not Forget… It’s FUN

We might have saved the best until last! Beth Tweddle Gymnastics is all about having fun and that is why we love it so much! Everything else is just a bonus, children will improve their social skills by interacting with their classmates, coaches some great exercise whilst learning key life skills.

Finding activities that are fun, hold children’s attention and are healthy is a difficult task! Fortunately, Beth Tweddle Gymnastics can provide all this and more. And, just think… you may have an Olympic athlete on your hands!