Why choose the Beth Tweddle National Curriculum Programme?

AfPE Approved and Endorsed

Developed by Beth Tweddle, our Olympic Medallist Director and Britain’s most successful female gymnast, our programme has been endorsed by the Association for Physical Education (AfPE). The AfPE has helped align our schools programmes with National Curriculum standards and requirements, so you can be confident that we're helping students progress.

We also work closely with Active Partnerships and School Sports Partnerships. These partnerships help to provide a collaborative approach to tackling inactivity and promoting sporting opportunities. We also deliver School Games competitions on their behalf. 

Did you know? We meet two-thirds of the UK National Curriculum for PE!

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics is a valuable CPD opportunity for teachers. Running over either a full term or a full year, your pupils will have a great gymnastics experience while your teachers receive practical training.

All our CPD is covered by Level 2 Qualified Coaches, where they will help teachers to develop their understanding of how to run a gymnastics session as well as identifying how to engage all children, regardless of ability.

We listened to feedback from our schools, so we understand many teachers lack confidence coaching gymnastics sessions. Therefore, during our sessions coaches will outline how a session is structured, how to support the children through various skills and, most importantly, how to deliver the sessions safely!

For schools, the primary benefit of CPD is ensuring that standards across the workforce are high and maintained consistently. Having your teachers undertake CPD allows for the sharing of best practice and support. CPD also contributes to maximising staff potential, improves moral and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals.

Full Terms Support and Resource Provided

Each school on our programme is assigned a Regional Coordinator to help oversee and ensure that students and staff are receiving the best possible experience. The coordinator will also support any preparation for competitions and displays should the school desire.

We provide in-depth session plans for each year group taught. This is a reference point to aid teachers in delivering sessions in the future.

Ofsted Requirements

In Ofsted’s 2018 report, Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman noted:

“Commonly, when schools had offered specialist training on specific physical activities (such as gymnastics, swimming and dance), this had increased teachers’ confidence to teach. Some schools reported that teachers being more knowledgeable had increased take-up of that sport.”

Beth Tweddle National Curriculum has been recognised by Ofsted, stating that;

“Good use has been made of government funding to develop sport and physical education with Olympic medallist Beth Tweddle’s programme visiting the school. Pupils are more involved in competitive sport and competitions than previously and their sporting skills have improved."

Our Programme Is Great Fun!

Rewards, badges, certificates and progress charts are just some of the ways Beth Tweddle Gymnastics ensure your pupils are recognised for all of their efforts and have the best experience possible!

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