What makes Gym Stars different

The programme is written by Britain's most successful gymnast, Beth Tweddle and a team of experienced coaches and tutors.


Although there is a Lead Coach at each venue, your child will have their own personal coach and work in a group of no more than 8 gymnasts to 1 coach. They will be grouped on their ability to allow the coaches to learn more about the children on an individual basis and cater specifically for their needs within the gym.

Coaches are specifically trained to teach “the Gym Stars way” – creative, structured and fun.

There are motivational rewards throughout the term with stickers, star gymnasts awards and Gymnast of the Term. We deliver our sessions in leisure centres and school halls so our classes are very accessible and inclusive and aim to provide you and your child a great first experience of gymnastics.


Beth Tweddle Gym Stars Rewards

We aim for our gymnasts to achieve one badge award per term, and for one skill to be marked off in their progress booklets as achieved per week to ensure steady and realistic progression throughout the programme.

Within each badge award there are 3 sticker awards for them to achieve:-

  • Fitness award

             Gymnasts will receive a sticker in their progress booklet when they achieve the pulse raising, conditioning and

             stretching exercises. 

  • Sequence award

             Gymnasts will receive a sticker in their progress booklet when they achieve the partner work and sequence


  • 3 Skills award

             Gymnasts will receive a sticker in their booklet when they achieve three of the remaining five gymnastics

             based skills.


Once all three stickers have been achieved, the badge awards and certificates will be presented on the final session of the term.


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