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British Gymnastics new membership process is now live

We are pleased to inform you that the British Gymnastics membership and renewal process has now been fixed, and you are now able to activate your gymnast’s insurance and the other benefits that they receive with their membership.

Please see below for all the relevant information:

The link below is the page you will need to go to in order to renew your membership or to create your new membership.

You will be asked to make several selections from a drop-down criteria that summarises your child’s Beth Tweddle Gymnastics (formerly Total Gymnastics) membership.

Please see below for what you need to select:

Type of Gymnastics: General Gymnastics

Payment type: Already paid Total Gymnastics

Membership type: Gymnast

We would really appreciate it if you could complete the membership/renewal process by Friday 27th October.

Co-ordinators will be on site during lessons, and will be available to help you through the process if need be.


The British Gymnastics customer service team will be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Please see below for contact details, and opening days and times:

Phone: 0345 129 7129


Live chat: