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Beth Tweddle brings children's gymnastics programme to Wellington School in Altrincham

Beth Tweddle is on a mission this year to inspire children all over the North West to get involved in gymnastics and to see the real benefits that the sport has to offer.

The Olympic Medallist has now expanded her children’s gymnastics programme which will be taking place at Wellington School in Altrincham for children aged 4+.

Not only does gymnastics improve health, fitness and general wellbeing, it improves confidence, skill and self-esteem. Sport is about shaping children’s lives in a way that has a positive knock-on effect to everything else they apply themselves to.

With the Gymnastics World Cup coming up, as well as the Commonwealth Games, 2018 is a year that is set to inspire more people than ever of all ages to engage in sport.

Children often start out shy and apprehensive of their ability when they begin gymnastics, and in no time at all, they are breaking down the barriers of their own self-belief and are flourishing.

This means that when they start school, or move onto high school, their confidence is on a high and they’ve already realised that by setting their mind on something and working hard for it, it brings achievements that are fulfilling and have a great impact on their character.

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