Supporting the local community

When asked by a local charity to support our community by placing a defib outside our centre in Widnes, we jumped at the chance to provide this potential lifesaving device to the local area.

Following a call to 999 (if a defibrillator is needed) a code will be given to the caller which gives them access to the community defibrillator, which could be the difference needed to save a life!


More about the story behind the cause...

19 year old Aidan Jackson from Widnes is on a mission to raise funds to install his 25th Community Defibrillator which provides 24 hour access to life saving equipment. We were proud to be one of the sites that supported Aiden with the chance to provide this vital lifesaving piece of equipment.

Several of Aidan’s Community Defibrillators have been accessed following calls to 999 which shows they are vital pieces of life saving equipment for the community.

In just over 3 years Aidan has been able to purchase 24 Community Defibrillators and have these installed in the Halton area.  

During the year Aidan usually holds various charity events to raise funds for this cause and has also raised over £70,000 over the last 7 years for several charities and good causes.

Aidan’s fundraising began in 2014 after his close friend Olivia Walker sadly passed away aged 15. Olivia had complex disabilities and her family wanted to set up a foundation in her memory to help other children/young adults like Olivia. Aidan made it his mission to fundraise for the foundation. 

To learn more about Aiden's foundation and be a part of his next fundrasing event visit his facebook page HERE



Well done Aiden, Beth Tweddle Gymnastics are proud to be supporting your great cause!