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Flashback to Beth Tweddle's medal-winning performance at the 2012 London Olympics

With so many game-changing gymnastics events happening all over the world right now, we've decided flashback to 2012 when Beth Tweddle won her medal on the Uneven Bars at the London Olympics. 

It's a performance that not only changed Beth's life, but that inspires the venue co-ordinators, the coaches who run the lessons, and of course the young, aspiring gymnasts on our programme to really succeed. 

Not every child wants to be an Olympic Medallist – but providing the opportunity for each and every one of them to be able to take part in gymnastics, have fun with it, and exceed their own expectations is the ethos of Beth Tweddle Gymnastics (formerly Total Gymnastics) and Gym Stars.

We see children all year round join our gymnastics club and watch them grow and develop, in ways they could never imagine. We teach them to be determined, to be confident, and to be kind to one another – and we love it!

Have you ever tried to do something that at one stage feels impossible, and then you get it spot on, and for a few seconds you feel on top of the world?

That's exactly what gymnastics does – the complexity of the movements allows children to challenge themselves, and then reap the benefits of reaching their goal.

The coaches work hard to inspire every single child on our programme, and to breathe Beth's passion for gymnastics into the lessons so that they don't just feel like a winner, but that they are a winner!


You can watch the video of Beth at the 2012 London Olympics below:


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