Wellington School

This is a new venue for Total Gymnastics launching in March 2018. The school has excellent facilities and our classes take place in the gymnasium on site.

Address: Wellington School, Wellington Road, Timperley, Altrincham, WA15 7RH

Session Times:

  • Tuesday - 5pm-6pm: Bright Stars (For children aged 4-5 years)
  • Tuesday - 6pm-7pm: Shooting Stars (For children aged 6-7 years)
  • Tuesday - 5pm-7pm: Academy Class (For children ages 8+)
  • Wednesday - 5pm-7pm: Academy Class (For children ages 8+)


To book a space at Wellington School please click here and enter your child’s postcode and age.

Information on the gym:

  • Wellington School welcomes boys and girls to their sessions

  • Spectators are not permitted in the room, except for the final session of the term.

  • Large car park at the venue.


We use the gymnasium in Wellington School where we have floor mats, landing mats, springboards, trampette, vaults, benches and a variety of hand held equipment available. 

Session details:

Gym Stars: The children will be working through our Gym Stars programme using our bespoke Beth Tweddle gym stars award system. We aim for them to achieve one award per 10 weeks with their progress being monitored and recorded regularly within their progress booklets.

HUB Academy: The children will be working through the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and the Advanced Proficiency Awards. Gymnasts will begin at badge 8 pending an assessment from their personal coach within the first few weeks.


Gymnasts are required to wear a t-shirt and shorts/tracksuit bottoms or leggings with any long hair tied up and not wearing any jewellery. All earrings must be removed and if this is not possible, they must be taped up. They must also bring a drink to their class. They will train in their bare feet

Progress Booklets:

They must also bring along their progress booklet as this is where the coaches will record all progress and mark off what skills have been achieved. If a gymnast loses their progress booklet, a new one will need to be purchased at a cost of £3.50 so please ensure that it is kept safe. 

What to do when you arrive:

Please arrive about 5 - 10 minutes prior to the start of your session. You can come to the hall ten minutes prior to your lesson beginning - once the previous class has departed you will be invited into the gym. This is to ensure the safe arrival and departure of all of our gymnasts.


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Wellington School

Wellington School
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